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Our Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Millstone:

Cooling Services

At Air Experts, we believe that every homeowner has the right to feel cool and comfortable in their own home. For us, that means providing you with excellent cooling service, whether that means an AC repair or a completely new cooling system.

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Heating Services

All of our heating technicians are trained to utilize the latest technologies, so whether you need a repair or a replacement, you can rest assured that we will provide you with a professional recommendation as well as the honest, upfront cost to complete it.

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Replacing an outdated cooling system

Problem: When Millstone homeowner, V. Fabrico, needed an estimate on a new cooling system, he decided to call us. 

Solution: We sent one of our experts, Ron, to check out the current cooling system and provide an estimate on a replacement. After assessing V. Fabrico's home and current system, Ron provided an estimate and explained to V. what equipment he needed to properly cool his home. We even sent the owner of Air Experts, Mike, to answer any lingering questions and to ensure that the installation would run smoothy. In the end, we replaced V. Fabrico's air handler, condenser and added 5 new returns. The best part? We finished the job in two days and left the house so clean, the homeowner didn't have to repaint his ceilings (installing new returns can get messy).

"... I went with Air Experts for two reasons: Ron (my salesperson) and Mike (the owner). Ron gave me a great estimate, was super knowledgeable and helped me understand what I needed and didn't need...Any concerns I had with the job immediately went away. Mike is a seasoned expert in what he does and can see 2-3 steps ahead on what needed to be done...Truly amazing experience from start to finish! They 100% have my business when I'm ready to replace my heating system!"

V. Fabrico | Millstone
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