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Our Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Middletown:

Cooling Services

When you need a cooling repair or replacement, you want a guarantee that it's going to be done correctly. At Air Experts, we offer the highest standards of equipment and service, so that we can provide you with the very best cooling solutions for your Middletown home.

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Heating Services

If you need a heating repair or replacement, you want an experienced team to do the job. When you hire Air Experts, you get a team with extensive training and 25 years of experience performing heating repairs and replacements for Middletown homeowners.

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Honest and Professional AC Repair

Problem: When Middletown homeowner, Joyce, noticed that her AC was running continuously but not maintaining the temperature she wanted, she decided to call Air Experts. 

Solution: We sent our pro technician, Bob, to check out her unit. Bob did a through inspection of the AC unit and the thermostat. He also took temperature readings throughout Joyce's home. After his assessment, Bob explained his findings to Joyce.

Although her AC was old (14 years old), it was actually working fine, and there was nothing for Joyce to be concerned about. On particularly hot days (over 100°), most AC units aren't built to provide enough cooling to keep the home below 70°F. Older units will have an especially hard time keeping up with the thermostat on above-average days. What could have been an expensive repair or replacement ended up just being the cost of a service fee, saving Joyce money and providing her with peace of mind. 

"I was referred to Air Experts from a friend that has been with them for many years. So I gave them a try...I explained that my AC unit is 14 years old, runs continuously and the thermostat doesn't keep temperature....While Bob checked the unit, thermostat and temperature readings throughout my home, he explained everything in detail. I actually learned a lot from him. He spent about 40-45 minutes diagnosing the unit, said, "there's nothing wrong everything is running perfectly." When he was finished, the total cost was a Service Charge. That was it. Thanks again Air Experts."

Joyce V. | Middletown
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