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How Much Does a Whole-Home Humidifier Cost in New Jersey?

Feb. 21, 2018
cost to install a whole-home humidifier in new jerseyConsidering a whole-home humidifier for your New Jersey home?

Well, the cost to install a whole-home humidifier ranges from $600 to $2,600, with an average cost of $850.

We know that’s a big price range, but that’s because the price you’ll pay depends on these factors:
  • The type of whole-home humidifier you get
  • How big the humidifier is
  • Who installs the humidifier
Let’s go into more detail about each of these factors and how they affect price.

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Cost factor #1: The type of whole-home humidifier you get

Just like buying any new appliance, some types of humidifiers are more expensive than others. For New Jersey homeowners, we recommend 2 types of humidifiers:
  1. Bypass humidifiers
  2. Steam humidifiers
Let’s take a look at these 2 common types of humidifiers:

#1: Bypass humidifiers (less expensive)

Bypass humidifiers use evaporative technology to add moisture to your home’s air.

Here’s how they work: Air from your furnace or AC is drawn over a wet pad. Moisture from this pad is absorbed into the airstream, which humidifies your home’s air. A bypass humidifier uses your furnace/AC fan to draw in air. That means it can only humidify when your AC/furnace is going through a heating/cooling cycle.

#2: Steam humidifiers (more expensive)

Steam humidifiers are the most expensive type of whole-home humidifier, but they’re also the best because they deliver consistent, warm moisture to your home’s dry air.

Here’s how they work: Simply put, steam humidifiers boil water, which enters the airstream as a warm mist (steam). Steam humidifiers work independently of your HVAC system, which means you can have consistent humidity—not just when you’re running the AC or furnace.

Cost factor #2: How big the humidifier is

The bigger your humidifier, the more expensive it will be.

When we talk about humidifier size, we aren’t referring to the actual size of the humidifier itself, but rather how many gallons of water the humidifier can absorb into the air in a 24-hour period (measured in gallons per day, or gpd).

Most whole-home humidifier sizes range from 1.0 gpd to 16.0 gpd.

A humidifier expert can help you determine what size you need for your home. They’ll look at factors like…
  • The square footage of your home. Usually if you have a bigger home, you’ll need a bigger humidifier to cover the large area.
what size whole-home humidifier do I need
  • Your home’s insulation. The less your home is insulated, the more likely you’ll need a bigger humidifier to make your home’s air feel humid. You see, a poorly insulated home can lose humid air through cracks in doors, walls and ceilings, as well as gain dry air through those same cracks.
Note: If you’re curious about how well insulated your home is, use Energy.gov’s checklist for detecting air leaks in your home.

Cost factor #3: Who installs the humidifier

You’ll find lots of sources online that say installing a whole-home humidifier is a “DIY” job. However, unless you’re savvy with HVAC, plumbing and electrical best practices, we usually recommend letting a professional handle the job for you.

Here’s why: A poorly installed humidifier could lead to inefficiency down the road, or in the worst case scenario, water or electrical damage.

Usually, a professional will charge $100–$300+ to install a whole-home humidifier. Better contractors will sometimes charge more for their services. Just remember—you get what you pay for.

A quality contractor will…
  • Be licensed and insured
  • Have no complaints with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • Give you a written estimate for their cost to install a whole-home humidifier

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