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My Furnace Turns on but No Heat is Coming Out

Nov. 06, 2018
Is your furnace blowing cold air? We’ll explain the common causes and what you can do to get your furnace working properly again. … Read More

What Size Ductless AC Do I Need for My New Jersey Home?

Nov. 01, 2018
We’ll share some of the factors that determine ductless sizing and how to make sure you get the correct size for your home. … Read More

Does a Humidifier Help with Allergies and Asthma? A New Jersey Tech Answers

Nov. 01, 2018
If used correctly, humidifiers can be good for people with asthma and allergies because they keep passageways from becoming dry and inflamed. … Read More

How Many Ductless Units Do I Need to Cool My New Jersey Home?

Sep. 19, 2018
The general rule-of-thumb is that you’ll need a separate indoor unit for every room you need cooled. … Read More

Ductless vs Central AC: Which Is Better for My New Jersey Home?

Sep. 19, 2018
The answer?
Well for most homeowners it comes down to budget—what you're willing to spend upfront for an AC installation in the New Jersey area. … Read More

How Does a Programmable Thermostat Save Energy?

Jul. 20, 2018
Programmable thermostats have the potential to save a significant amount of energy—as long as you program them correctly. Click to learn how to properly use programmable thermostats to save energy (and costs).Read More

Can I Replace R-22 with R-410A Refrigerant in my AC?

Jun. 29, 2018
The answer: No. Putting R-410A refrigerant into an AC unit that was designed to use R-22 will cause the unit to die soon after it tries to run. … Read More

Single-stage vs Two-Stage vs Variable Speed ACs: Which is Best for New Jersey Homes?

May. 16, 2018
Variable-speed air conditioners provide the most comfort and highest efficiency, but they're also the most expensive—which forces some homeowners to cross this option off the list. … Read More

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Ductless AC in New Jersey?

May. 15, 2018
The cost to install a ductless mini-split AC in New Jersey ranges from $4,500 to 12,000+. … Read More

What Size Central AC Do I Need for My New Jersey Home?

May. 02, 2018
To determine the AC size you need, you need to have a qualified professional perform a “cooling load calculation”. … Read More

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Home Central AC Unit Compressor in New Jersey?

Apr. 20, 2018
In the New Jersey area, replacing a home Central AC Unit Compressor typically ranges from $1,500 to $2,500+.Read More

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Home Thermostat in New Jersey?

Apr. 12, 2018
The cost to install a new thermostat in New Jersey ranges from $200 to $400+. … Read More

How Often Should I Change My Furnace Filter?

Jan. 16, 2018
The general answer is to check your filter every 1-3 months and change when dirty. But that’s a rule of thumb. Check our detailed guidelines to get an answer customized for your home. … Read More

MERV 8 vs MERV 13: Which Air Filter Is Best?

Nov. 07, 2017
The filter that’s best really depends on what you’re trying to do: MERV 8 is best for keeping your HVAC system free of contaminants but MERV 13 is better for improving indoor air quality. … Read More

What’s the Difference Between a Combi Boiler and a Traditional Boiler?

Nov. 02, 2017
A combi boiler heats water on demand while a regular/traditional boiler stores the hot water. We’ll explain more. … Read More

Why Is My Boiler Letting Out Steam?

Oct. 31, 2017
If your boiler is letting out steam, it’s most likely coming from the pressure relief valve due to unsafe pressure levels (or the valve needs to be replaced). … Read More

When Should I Replace My Boiler?

Oct. 10, 2017
Think you might be due for a new boiler? Here are some signs that indicate you should replace the unit ASAP. … Read More

How Much Does a Furnace Repair Cost in New Jersey?

Oct. 04, 2017
Here’s the short answer: it depends. Want to know what the cost depends on? We’ll tell you… … Read More

How Often Should a Gas Furnace Be Serviced?

Sep. 27, 2017
Your gas furnace should be maintained once a year to avoid a voided warranty, higher than normal heating bills and carbon monoxide poisoning. … Read More

Why Is My Boiler Making a Loud Humming Noise?

Sep. 14, 2017
Not quite sure where to start investigating? Don’t worry, we’ll take a closer look at these 3 issues and show you what you can do to stop the humming. … Read More

My Hot Water Turns Cold After a Few Minutes

Sep. 11, 2017
If your hot water is running out faster than normal, you likely have a bad dip tube. Here’s what that means and what you can do about it. … Read More

Should I Convert from Electric to Gas Heating?

Aug. 24, 2017
Electric or gas heating? That’s the question. In this article, we’ll explain what we recommend for New Jersey homeowners, and how much it costs... … Read More

What Humidity Level Should My Home Be In the Summer?

Jul. 28, 2017
In the summer, your home’s humidity level should be between 30%–45%. … Read More

What Temperature Do I Set My AC to When I Go On Vacation?

Jul. 28, 2017
Planning a vacation before school starts back up again? … Read More

My AC Is Blowing, But Not Cold Air…

Jul. 10, 2017
“Why is my air conditioner blowing air, but it’s not cold?” … Read More

“Why Does My Dehumidifier Stink?”

Jul. 10, 2017
“Eww! What’s that gross smell coming from my dehumidifier?” … Read More

How Do I Unclog My AC’s Condensate Drain Line?

Jul. 06, 2017
Clearing your AC’s condensate line is simple. Just follow these 3 steps. … Read More

What Is the Difference Between MERV 8 and MERV 11 Filters?

Jun. 26, 2017
Many homeowners ask us about MERV ratings, especially when it comes to choosing between MERV 8 and MERV 11 air filters. … Read More

Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Dec. 15, 2016
Is water leaking at the base of your furnace? Don’t panic—we’ll help you troubleshoot this issue.

  … Read More

Why Is My Gas Boiler Not Heating My Water?

Nov. 18, 2016
There could be multiple reasons why your gas boiler isn’t heating your water, but these are the most common... … Read More

What’s the Cost to Install a Gas Furnace in New Jersey?

Oct. 21, 2016
Several variables will affect the cost of your furnace, with some being more costly than others. … Read More

What’s the Cost to Install a Central Air Conditioner in NJ?

Sep. 15, 2016
So, you wanna know how much installing an air conditioner costs? … Read More

How Does Central Air Conditioning Work? A New Jersey Tech Explains

Aug. 19, 2016
Wondering how your central air conditioner actually works? Click here for an in-depth, easy-to-understand explanation from a NJ tech. … Read More

Air Conditioner Not Dehumidifying Well? A New Jersey Tech Explains Why

Jul. 15, 2016
Have you cranked your thermostat way down but still feel all sticky and sweaty?  … Read More

“How Often Should My Air Conditioner Need a Freon Charge?” [FAQ]

Jun. 27, 2016
An AC doesn’t “use up” refrigerant. So you should never need to recharge your air conditioner with more Freon—unless there’s a leak. … Read More

Why is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

May. 20, 2016
There are many reasons your air conditioner might be blowing hot air. … Read More

How Much Does an Air Conditioning Repair Cost in New Jersey?

May. 02, 2016
Most AC repairs in New Jersey cost between $89 and $2,000 with an average cost around $500. … Read More

The Invisible & Dangerous Indoor Air Pollution Problem in Your Home

Dec. 11, 2012
The term “air pollution” probably summons up images of brown, cloudy air in dense metropolitan areas like New York and L.A. But a study done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reveals that the pollution in your home could be much worse. … Read More

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