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Home Performance (Energy Audits)

Did you know your home is full of holes that are wasting your money?

Things like inadequate attic insulation, leaky windows and worn weather stripping around your doors are “holes” in your home’s shell that waste your money by letting out your air-conditioned and heated air.

But these, and other, problems can be difficult to detect on your own. And even if you can find some of them, how do you know which repairs and renovations will result in the biggest energy savings?

An energy audit includes a detailed analysis of your energy use and which improvements will give you the biggest return.

Benefits of an energy audit from Air Experts:
  • In-depth analysis of your energy use
  • Detailed report of our findings
  • List of energy-saving recommendations
  • BPI Certified
  • Special rebates for insulation and installation of high-efficiency equipment
Air Experts’ energy audits will not only identify the problems in your home, but also give you an actionable list of ways you can rectify the problems.

Start eliminating energy waste in your home – schedule an energy audit with Air Experts today.

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